Bad timing, ulnar nerve

I had such a long, wonderful, life-affirming, idea-synthesizing blog post brewing in my brain all weekend. It’s not getting written up today, however. My ulnar nerve – the right one – has decided today would be a super nice day to start twinging ominously.

Nerve, dude, not cool. I have a lot of typing to do. A LOT OF TYPING.

Extracurricular typing is going to have to wait, therefore. Here’s an article on narration, however, that I found particularly inspired and inspiring. It was the springboard of all my thoughts. Read, enjoy, and I hope to get around to disquisition on the topic at some point.

A few items of news

Hello darlings! I know you all miss me terribly when I don’t report in very often, but it’s actually a good sign. It means I’m working very hard on the sequel – and we all want that, right?

While I’m occupied elsewhere, of course, news keeps accumulating. I have a few items of interest for you.

  • Random House is so excited about Seraphina that they’re going to be re-issuing the hardcover on February 26th! This is a huge vote of confidence and I am flattered and honoured that they’re lavishing this kind of attention on me. This edition will feature bonus material compiled especially for the re-release, along with a new cover. Those of you who love the original cover, fear not: that beautiful woodcut still features, but enhanced and re-envisioned in the spirit of celebration. I can’t say more. We shall reveal it closer to the date.
  • The Morris Award winner will be announced at ALA Midwinter in Seattle on January 28th. I’m driving down and will be giving a little speech (won or lose! rain or shine!) along with the other nominees, who will be appearing on video. I think I’m the only one in close driving distance. Any librarian friends or fans in attendance, though, I’d love to meet you and say hi!
  • The Morris Award speeches – text and video – will be available online at the YALSA site. I’ll let you know when those go up.
  • Also, in conjunction with my nomination, I will be doing a couple interviews over the next few weeks. Watch this space for more information on those!

Annnnd… is that all? Probably. I could tell you how much I have left to revise on the sequel, but that might make you sad. Let it simply be said: I’m having FUN again, writing. I fell off that pony cart for a while, I admit, but I’m back, it’s good, and heck it’s nearly spring, right? OK, in Vancouver spring is virtually identical to winter, except the days get longer and there are flowers, but still. Longer days. I’ll take that.

Happy British book birthday II

Today is the release of the UK paperback edition of Seraphina! It’s a bit confusing, I realize, because I believe the original UK edition was available in both hardcover and paperback. But this edition is from Corgi Press, and has a different cover, the North American cover art without the border and with a new font.

Here’s how you celebrate in corgi language, as per the inimitable Pam Bliss: Yark! Yark!

And here’s a lovely review of the new paperback at Bookwitch.

Three cheers: Yark! Yark! Yark!

Good morning sunshine

Seraphina has been short-listed for the 2012 Cybil Award (YA SF/F category). What a wonderful honour, and lovely news to wake up to on the first day of the new year!

I’ve also seen Seraphina mentioned on a lot of year-end best-of-2012 lists, on a lot of blogs, all over the internets. More than I can keep track of or link to, alas, because I’d love to give you each a hug individually and say THANK YOU. This book has done as well as it has because of you – yes YOU! – and all your love and support. I really appreciate it.

And now, as ever: to work!