Shadow Scale is already available for pre-order:


Barnes & Noble

Seraphina is available now, at the following fine emporiums:

Powell’s Portland (You’re asking, “Is there any other?” Indeed, there is! Powell’s Chicago, where I used to work ages ago, and which carries used books, remainders, and overstock exclusively).

Barnes & Noble

Find an independent store near you at Indie Bound (I found their link to the audio book, but not the hardcover yet.)

And of course, if you’re local here in Vancouver, KidsBooks is always the place to be!

UPDATE: I’ve had lots of inquiries about signed books. KidsBooks has them (and if they don’t, they can arrange to have them quickly because I’m not far away).

I signed a lot of books at Mabel’s Fables in Toronto, as well as a number of Indigo and Chapters stores in Toronto and Vancouver. I signed a few copies at Pudd’nhead Books in St. Louis, too.

Most recently, I signed stock at University Book Store in Seattle, and at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA.

I will be touring to Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in September, and I will be in Calgary and possibly New York City in October. We’re looking for a way to get me to Portland, OR, and I will definitely get back to the town where I grew up, Lexington, KY, but I do not yet know when. More specifics and dates as I know them!

100 Comments on “Buy”

  1. Trisha Lynn says:

    Quick questions:

    1. What age range would Seraphina be best for? I have a fairly intelligent 8-year old niece who could use more books about awesome girls who solve mysteries about dragons.

    2. How can I email you to ask a question that’s better detailed in an email?

  2. Seraphina is intended for teens, not so much because of content issues but because of vocabulary level. That said, I think a strong reader who’t 12 or even 10 could probably do it. Lots of us were reading Tolkien early on, for example, undeterred by terminology. Eight, though, is probably pushing it. Maybe I should test-drive it on my own 8-year-old and report back.

    Books don’t go bad, though. If she’s not ready for it immediately, it’ll keep.

    I’m going to send YOU an e-mail now, in response to your other question.

    • Samuel Martland says:

      My son enjoyed Seraphina as a book on CD at age 9, and Shadow Scale as a book a few months later, right when it came out. We read them out loud because his listening vocabulary was a lot bigger than his reading one and because we all loved them; by now he could read them fine.

    • AmieR says:

      We just read this to our almost 7 year old and she was absolutely captivated. I pruned a (very) few of the slightly more disturbing details about her grotesques, just because I know my kidlet, but otherwise, extremely little editing on the fly. I read it first, and hugely enjoyed it the second time around, as all sorts of threads were there that I wasn’t tuned into the first time around. This one is destined to become a family favourite at our house. Looking forward to Shadow Scale (on reserve at our library, goody, goody!). Thank you for an incredible read.

  3. Natasha says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if it’s going to be released in Australia? Because it sounds so awesome and I would love to read it! 🙂

    • Hi, Natasha! That’s an excellent question, and I’m embarrassed that I don’t know off-hand. I will ask around and find out and let you know as soon as I can.

      • OK, yes, looking back through my own records, it looks like the Random House UK deal involves “UK/Comm including ANZ” — I believe that last stands for Australia/New Zealand. So you’ll be getting it with the British cover. I assume the on-sale date is the same, although if you want me to verify that, I can.

        Thanks so much for your interest! 🙂

  4. […] So I just purchased my hardcover copy of Seraphina.  Which you can find buying links for from here. […]

  5. Wayne McCoy says:

    I’m almost done with this book and I don’t want it to end! I love the world you created in this book, the overall tone and the really great characters, especially Seraphina. I will be recommending this and writing a glowing review on Goodreads soon. This book is well suited to Young Adult, but I hope it finds a much broader audience. Masterfully done!

  6. You can also preorder from INDIE BOUND, which will connect you to any Independent Book Store in the USA.

  7. Nik LaCrosse says:

    I just finished reading an ARC of Seraphina through NetGalley and I really enjoyed it. If there was ever a candidate for an ebook to be enhanced with sound, this book is it. I would have loved to hear some of the music and singing described!

    I’m sorry to read that you’re struggling with the second book, but I have faith that you will find your way. I will be one of the fans who will be anxiously waiting for the sequel and thus increasing the pressure on you, but it really is your fault for writing such a good book! In the meantime, I’ll spread the word on Seraphina, starting with my daughter.

  8. Linnea says:

    Hi, I read Seraphina in 2 DAYS because I loved it so much, and was wondering if you were planing on writing a second book.

    • Hi, Linnea! Yes, I am working on the second book. Right now my editor has it. Knowing him, he will want some revisions, but we’ll get it done as quickly and as well as we can. I am so pleased you enjoyed Seraphina!

      • Tyler J. J. says:

        just dont do it so quickly as to leave us (readers) disappointed (we probably won’t be). I just finished the book this morning it left me wanting more. The type of more as in put me there in the book more. So since that is not possible I would like to make a request to have this story made in to a movie. anyone out there a director =). Rahelhartman,
        can we expect a movie out?

  9. olafkeith says:

    Hi Rachel,
    is there any chance that there might be a German edition soon?

    • Hi! Yes, there will be a German edition. It will be published by Random House in Germany, but I’m not sure what the release date is.

      • olafkeith says:

        I pre-ordered the US edition for myself now, but I have lots of non-English reading friends who might like the book, so it is good to know that there will be a German edition to recommend to them. Looking forward to reading the book!

  10. LaMeur says:

    Hello Rachel,
    I was wondering if you’re planning on making a sequel to Seraphina.I know that you only released the first book recently, but the ending left me hanging – and in a good way!

  11. Matt says:

    I would love to know when signed copies will be available, as I would love to have one. (I am a collector, but don’t worry, I keep all my books, i.e no selling them on ebay for a profit…).

    • There are a few floating around already. KidsBooks here in Vancouver has a whole pile of them. I’ll be signing in Toronto this week and (hopefully) in Seattle in August. Are you in Canada or the US?

      • Matt says:

        I’m in the southern US. It’s hard to get authors this far south! I’m going to contact KidsBooks and see if they’ll sell me one. I’d love to know if you ever go to Powell’s in Portland. I order a lot from them. I’ve already read most of Seraphina, and it’s a wonderful book, by the way.

  12. Karyn Jarvie says:

    I too am wondering where one may order a signed copy as it sounds just the sort of book my daughter would love, could you perhaps let us know where you may be doing some signings so that we may contact relevant bookstores please.

    • At this point, there are signed books at KidsBooks in Vancouver, Mabel’s Fables in Toronto, and a few Indigo stores in Toronto. I haven’t gotten to the States yet, but I will be in Seattle mid-August (I presume I’ll sign some stock there, but not 100% certain – I’m down to tape a show with Nancy Pearl), and then I’m touring in the US for two weeks mid to late September.

      I really should put this up as an information page. 🙂 Hope that answers it for now!

  13. karyn says:

    thank you

  14. Kelly says:

    OH my – one of the best reads in a long time… my son is bugging me for it… so I have to finish it up… savouring it – glad to hear there is another in the works!! Thank you so much for this great book!!

  15. Dana says:

    Just finished after a marathon reading session … loved the book and I thank you with all my heart for it, but am now filled with frustration at it being over, knowing more is coming, but not knowing when …. don’t worry … I have lived through this in the past and I suppose I will make it through this time 😛 Just be aware that there are those of us on tenterhooks out here.

    (… I would really like to know how her arm heals where she cut herself. Do dragons shed their scales … thus does it grow back? Is it scar tissue, and if so, is it like human scar tissue or tougher, as I would assume dragon skin would be? ….lol … I know, I’m a geek)

  16. Kay says:

    Read this via kindle having seen the book in a shop, thought my son would love it but I wanted to read it first, I agreed it would be a great audio book and you have left me wanting to read the sequel.

  17. Jan Jones says:

    Really enjoyed Seraphina and was willing her and the prince on. Obviously not to be – yet. I do think you’ve cracked WHY the dragons are, which is a tremendous achievement. Now waiting impatiently for the next story. And the one after that…

  18. Jessica says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Seraphina. Thank you for your hard work. I will definitely be looking forward to a sequel. Take your time though. Anticipating a good book is almost as good as reading it.

  19. Jenn says:

    I just read it and I loved it! I have a hard time going through all the junk books out there to find quality ones that really stick with you. This is sticking with me, I can tell!

  20. Kirsten says:

    Hi! I just finished Seraphina and loved it! My only complaint is that I desperately need more story. Will there be a continuation to Seraphina’s story, or at least something set in the same universe?

  21. Gretchen says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I was to find Seraphina and her world. What a wonderful place to escape to. I didn’t want to come back. I cried when the princess died and when I thought Orma would have his thoughts removed. I figured out he was a dragon and Phina’s uncle before we were told in the book, and I was rooting for them! I’m also glad there is hope for the prince and Phina in the future, although I hope by then the Princess finds someone else so her heart won’t be broken and she has someone to support her besides her cousin. Just as an FYI, I am WAY beyond the “normal traditional age range” of YA readers, and I was hooked from the start and can’t wait for the next book. If you were releasing your books at the major book stores like a certain English writer living in Scotland, I would suggest midnight release dragon-theme parties! 🙂

  22. Chelsea says:

    I seen your book in Coles one day and I was interested enough to request it for my birthday present and I have to say Seraphina is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot, including a lot of Anne McCaffrey. I literally just finished reading it out loud to my husband, who loves books just doesn’t love reading them himself, and we are both in love with your book. We desperately hope for more about Seraphina and can’t wait for the sequel. I want to know what happens next and dread the time in between now and when the next book comes out.

    I love fantasy books so much I’ve been writing for years but do to personal reasons I’ve had to put it down for the last 6 months but after reading Seraphina I’ve been driven with the desire and need to pick my pen back up and resume my musing.

    Thank you, Rachel Hartman, I love your work. You write so very well and you captured my interest in the first page and held my need and want to know what happens next through the entire book. Keep writing you are amazing!!!


  23. tonysusername says:

    Seraphina is great, and was wondering where i could get a signed copy, since i live in the US

  24. Tai says:

    Unbelievable story. I’m at the middle of the end of the book and I just can’t put it down. There’s dragons, a powerful woman main character, an adorable sense of humour that requires you to read between the lines, and a vocabulary that satisfies my more literal side. I’m already burning for the sequel.
    Is it out soon? I noticed the most recent comment about it was 5ish months ago. Is it out now? How many books do you think their might be? 😀

  25. Klarissa shafer says:

    Seraphina was an amazing novel. The plot was so interesting and I fell in love with the characters. I felt for Phina when she discovered she loved a man that probably wouldn’t love her back. I can’t wait for more books to come from Mrs. Hartman. Job very well done!

  26. Tracey says:

    I just finished reading Seraphina and I feel like I have lost a friend. What a fantastic book! Please tell me there is more to come?? Thank you so much for such a wonderful read!

  27. Kit W says:

    Is there a sequel planned? When will we see it? I’m sorry if you’ve answered this already, but I couldn’t find it. I just finished reading Seraphina and it was fantastic! More please!

    • Kit W says:

      If you could respond to my email address rather than here, that would be lovely. I forgot to click the “notify by email” box!

  28. Matt Nelson says:

    Saw Seraphina on Kirkus Reviews best teen novels of 2012 list. Congrats!

  29. Ray says:

    bought the book for one of my daughters (11), thought i would read a few pages and could not stop until I finished. We all love it and cannot wait for book 2!!!!

  30. Serafina says:

    I bought this book on audible and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for the next book to come out! I did find it a little unusual having my own name and nickname read out though…

    I will be getting a paper copy for my niece as I know she will love it too.

  31. Lego says:

    I bought Serafina as a christmas present for myself. My first fantasy book in a long time. I just finished it and I really loved it, I had so much sympathy for Serafina. Now I can’t wait for a sequel, when will it be published?

    • Thanks so much for telling me! Sorry I’m slow to answer. At this point, it looks like the sequel will be coming out in the spring of 2014. Later than I’d have liked, but it will be a better book with a bit more time spent on it.

  32. Seraphina says:

    OMG your book is soooo good! And guess what? My name is the exact same as Seraphinas’! And I’m obsessed about dragons! I’m trying to be an author to, despite my young age (13), and are already writing a book. Hope to see a sequel soon!

    • Sorry I’m so slow to reply! I’m trying to be really disciplined and stay focused on the sequel. I am so, so pleased you enjoyed it, and it is always special to see your name in a book, I agree. Keep writing! This career takes a lot of patience, but it’s worth it!

  33. Mia Minnis says:

    I would just like to let you know that I loved Seraphina and devoured it in a day. I went to Barnes and Nobles originally to purchase a book of a completely different sort, but they did not have it in stock, and instead I saw a salesman stacking Graceling and the Tortall books on a table absurdly far away from the YA books. I went to go check the table out and found almost all of my favorites laid out in this secluded dusty corner.
    That is where i found your book. I read the synopsis and bought it immediately, mostly because lately the content of teen books seem to for love interests into the description even thought they do not seem like a major part of the plot. It was refreshing to read Seraphina and exciting to watch her fall in love naturally instead of having it thrust upon her forcefully buy the author.
    I read this book while I was out of school for the flu and it gave me such a range of emotions I am not sure whether it was a good thing for me to get so worked up over my attachment to the characters only after an hour. Now finding that there will be a sequel I will wait impatiently to fill the empty space laid out next to your amazing novel. I dream of one day writing a story as elaborate in plot, world-building, and characterization as your own. And thank you a hundred thousand years for this wonderful read.

  34. Megan says:

    I’m almost done with Seraphina and I’m eagerly awaiting your next book! I’m a teen reader, and Seraphina is definitely one of the most gripping and exciting books I’ve in a long time- I’m really glad someone had the good sense to give it to me as a Christmas gift. 🙂 Just wondering if you’re going to be in the Seattle area again anytime soon?

  35. Mindy says:

    Congratulations on winning the 2013 William C. Morris award! I am a book reviewer and your book sounds awesome! If you are interested in a review to get more word out, let me know. If not, totally understand. Have a great day.

  36. Tim says:

    I got Seraphina for a book project due in April. First day I brought it to school and “OK”ed it with my teacher. Right away I fell in love with the book! The next day i brought in in again to class and I had already finished it!!
    An amazing book! I can’t wait for the second!

  37. Josephine says:

    Greetings Rachel
    I’m much older than your intended audience and am currently working my way through a psychology degree in Australia. I adored Seraphina, a name I have always loved. I actually was hoping to publish my book under that pseudonym. I just had to buy your book based on the title alone. How thrilled I am that judging a book on this meagre fact welcomed me into a fascinating world of dragons and magic! I have long been a paranormal fantasy fan and I must thank you for not writing about werewolves or vampires!!!
    Forever a loyal fan

  38. Raven says:

    You know that feeling you get when you read an amazing new story and it is wonderful?

    You want desperately to hold onto that feeling of discovery, innovation, and joy. So you fear reading anything else, lest it obliterate that sensation.

    You don’t want to replace it with disappointment: dismay at the quality of writing these days, or the lingering question of why editors have given up on grammar, when it evokes such sweet pleasure…

    That is how I felt when I read Seraphina.

    Thank you.

    I have a trillion questions and could write a dissertation about your story.

    I suppose my first was this: how did you overcome the challenge of plot, and weave it into external conflict?

  39. tina says:

    Hi I was wondering if it is possible if you could come to Toronto for book signings. I know it must be difficult but if you can there are a lot of people that would really be happy to meet you!

  40. Rick Santman says:

    Original cover HC ordered yesterday on ebay, Barnes and Noble has ’em on sale for about $15 shipped. Must be clearing stock for the new cover edition!

  41. Sarah says:

    Hello! I am a young author and I had some questions about getting published, writing well, and other important authorly things. I think it would really help me to talk to someone who’s already on the path on which I wish to travel.

    I really enjoyed Seraphina — I loved-loved-loved your vocabulary! (It is so refreshing to read a book where you don’t know all the meanings of the words. I feel like a young kid again!)

    I JUST missed being able to chat with you on (sadness!), but I was hoping you could email me and we could chat about writing.

  42. Amanda Stewart says:

    I just purchased your book from B&N on Saturday and finished devouring it today. I absolutely loved it! It was wonderful and I loved the characters. I hope there is a second one on the way! I look forward to more books!

  43. Kathryn Harris says:

    Just finished Seraphina and I enjoyed it immensely! Wonderful world-building and characters and story, leaving me hankering for more! Thanks for the cast of characters and glossary as well. I am a 64 year old reader of YA and fantasy among other genres and I thank you for creating this wonderful society and sharing it with your readers. I shall wait with difficulty for your next book.

    • Rick Santman says:

      Yeah, what she said!

      Rachel, I just finished it this afternoon and I’m agog at the story you told, and the skill with which you told it.

      Looking forward to MANY years and MANY stories to come!

  44. Katherine James says:

    I loved Seraphina! It felt as though I had come home. Please write me into your story so I can live there too! My copy is already well traveled, posted from Germany to South Africa as a birthday present. Brilliant book – absolutely brilliant! Was most surprised, come the end of the book, when I discovered that I was not actually Seraphina and did not have any scales around my stomach or arm. Keep writing and I hope the sequel is out soon =)

  45. Zuhani says:

    I found this book at random on some webpage while using Stumbleupon, read the summary, bought it, read it and fell in love. You’ve written the sort of book that makes me feel with every character and not want to put it down for any amount of time because I feel like I’m missing out on something wonderful …
    Thanks! Sadly, I just finished reading it. No pressure, but, ah, I’m eager for the sequel. 😀 And for whatever else you will be writing in the future.
    So, keep up the amazing work. 🙂

  46. Arlene says:

    Hello there! I’ve been looking for “The Audition” to no avail. Might you tell me, please, from where I could purchase a copy? Thanks in advance!

  47. Olivia says:

    Hi! I’ve just read this in four hours straight and I absolutely loved it – I was really engaged in the characters, the plot, and I really enjoyed what you did with the dragons.

    I have an… unusual question. Was this inspired by Star Trek at all? Because I saw quite a few parallels between the dragons and Vulcans.

    I’m sorry to just leave this here, but I wasn’t sure where to direct questions like this otherwise.

  48. Rabia says:

    Hi! How can I ask you something over email?

  49. Olivia says:

    Hello I just had to tell you that I just finished Seraphina and cant wait for the sequel, but I agree with your editor in that quality is better than speed. I also wanted to let you know that in my opinion Seraphina is lightyears better than Eragon. It had better speed and a clearer plotline and character development. I loved the romance, but at the same time felt sorry for Selda. This book brought back my love of literature, and I’m so glad because I really missed it. I’ve had some rough times(who hasnt), but I really identified with your quote: “They had rather endure physical pain than mental anguish.” Its tough living with GAD, but you’ve really opened my eyes and let me know Im not alone. Thanks from a fifteen-year-old 🙂

  50. Katarina says:

    My name is Katarina and my boyfriend purchased Seraphina in a book store around March of this year. He brought it to lunch, and said I should read the first couple pages. I did. After that I didn’t stop! It was so evident I loved the book so much that my boyfriend let me keep it! I have read it three times now! I love it so much and the way you write. I’m dying to know when, or if, there is a sequel because I want to be first in line to buy it!

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