Tess of the Road: the ARC is real!

I know, I know, it’s been forever. Twice forever, in all honesty. But things are moving, and I have news now, so here I am. My next book, Tess of the Road, is coming out at the end of February, 2018! The early advanced readers’ copy is out now (there will be another ARC once the cover is officially official — stay tuned!)

I don’t have a copy yet, but my agent does and he took some pictures:

Tess ARC

Here’s the special ARC intro letter I wrote (won’t be in the final book) —

Tess ARC intro

And a shot of page 1, just to tease you:

Tess ARC page1

That’s it for now! More soon, I hope. I’d say that I’m going to try not to be a stranger, but we all know I’m naturally stranger and so such a promise would be utterly futile.