Did someone say “blogging more often?”

Oh, right, I did! Haha, that sounds just like me, right before I disappear. Still… here I am? How are you?

I do feel like the new Patreon (Fake Folktales!) is off to a better start than a dilettantish ne’er-do-well like myself had any right to expect, so that’s something. Thank you to everyone who’s joined me on this silly adventure so far. Another story is coming in early December. I’m trying even as we speak to whittle it down to a more manageable length, or figure out how to split it in two, or something. Maybe it’s fine and I’m fretting for no reason. I guess I have a little time to figure that out.

In other news: I am actually, in fact, drawing again. I hadn’t wanted to admit it, in case drawing turned out to be utterly unlike riding a bicycle. I’m learning to draw digitally, since my drafting table didn’t survive the last move and I was more prone to elbowing inkbottles than was good for me in any case. So that’s been a learning curve, haha. I spent a recent fever dream trying to work out which layers (in the digital art sense) of Northern Irish history contained the IRA and editing out the colour of fear, which turned out to be a particular shade of brown (learning to make digital art + Derry Girls finale + second shingles vax = weirdness all night, apparently).

That said: my grandma had shingles in her eye! I would get vaxed again! But whoo, yeah, that was a tough night, and not just from an editing standpoint.

Anyway… do I sound a bit jolly? I DO sound a bit jolly, even to my own jaded ear. Well, that’s something. If I create any particularly ridiculous pictures, you shall be the first to know.

4 thoughts on “Did someone say “blogging more often?”

  1. that second shingles vaccine was NO JOKE. my SIL had singles mightily close to her eye, so I was, like you, ready to do it, but ugh, the suffering was not insignificant!

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