Two events and a small apology

My friends, I return to you! With bells and elephants and glory! Or, y’know, news. That’s worth something, I hope.

I have two upcoming events that I need to tell you about. First, on April 30th I will be participating in Authors for Indies, making an appearance at Black Bond Books, Central City, Surrey, from noon to 2pm. I’ll be selling books and making witty small talk, but will probably not be dressed as a pirate.

Second, I’m doing a reading at the BC Renaissance Festival, May 8th (Mothers Day) at 12:30. As an added bonus, my madrigal choir (The QuasiModals) will sing at 3pm the same day. Come one, come all. I’ll be selling books, and will be dressed as some kind of pirate, so just a normal day for me.

Lastly: sorry to have been absent here so long. Whenever this happens, it usually means there’s something going on that I can’t talk about. For some reason, this tends to hinder my ability to talk about much of ANYTHING. I wish my brain didn’t work that way, but that’s how I am. I try to consider it a feature and not a defect.

In any case, I have more to say about worldbuilding, and any number of other subjects. I may just need to survive this revision before I get to that, however. Thanks for your patience.