Soon, my pretties!

Just found out that IN THE SERPENT’S WAKE will be out in paperback on Feb. 21st! If you’ve been waiting for the paperback, or waiting for both books of the duology to be out in paperback, the wait is almost over.

Also! I have a short story, called GHOST STORY, coming out on Feb. 17th at The Sunday Morning Transport. What’s TSMT, you ask brightly? Why, a wonderful scheme to get a new SFF story into your inbox every Sunday morning, of course! The editors, Julian Yap and Fran Wilde, have a knack for attracting amazing authors, and for choosing just the right stories to read curled up on the couch with a big cup of coffee.

AND, they have granted me something truly special, which is the ability to bestow upon you (yes, YOU) a free 60-day subscription, thereby enabling you to read not just my story, but the other great stories coming out for the next couple months and (I believe) the pay-walled archives from last year. Here’s the link, and please do go check it out.