An interview and a pie

I’ve done a little interview with Miss Print which is up today. I encourage y’all to go read it, and thank you so much for your enthusiasm, Miss Print!

Today being, as it were, Pi Day, I have committed to making a pie. Why? Because I am home and have time. I admit, part of me is rebelling very slightly at the tyranny of numbers.

The other part of me really likes pie. It shall be blackberry. Blackberry is its own reason and its own reward, surely.

Updated to add: PIE, darlings.


Today’s thought on music

There was a slight nervousness in the first notes, but then with confidence and authority the rich sound took possession of the room. Nothing is more beautifully and acceptably self-assertive than good singing. The sound filled and honeycombed the collected room, making the rapt audience one with itself, a great golden object rising slowly through space. …

There was in the singing an elusive sense of drama, a mounting atmosphere, as if the audience were sitting forward in their chairs ready to participate in some marvellous transfiguration. Yet Denis himself seemed by now almost invisible, so much had he made sound sovereign over vision.

— From The Unicorn, by Iris Murdoch.

Back to old Kentucky, where I was born and raised

Hello, friends! I’m so sorry to have absented myself quite that long, but apparently I had to crawl into a hole for a good long while. Who knew writing could make you tired? Anyway, I am recovered and – astonishingly – feeling something like cheerful again. It helps that spring is here. Here’s the cherry tree in our courtyard:


Hard to stay grumpy when that’s just outside your window.

Anyway, I’m here because: NEWS! I will be in Lexington, Kentucky later this month, and I’m going to have a bookstore event at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. It’s Saturday, March 23rd at 2pm. I spent my teenage years in that store, and I’m so excited to be back. I see the event’s not listed at their website yet, but I’m sure it will be soon.

I also have an upcoming appearance at the McGill Branch of the Burnaby Public Library, on Saturday, April 27th at 2pm. That one’s going to be kind of special, I hope, but I’ll have more details closer to the day of. I merely mention it now to tease any snooty Vancouverites who might be thinking, “Burnaby? Bo-ring.” No, no, silly people. BURNABY AWESOME. More to come.

Springtime also gets me thinking about music. With all this time on my hands (translation: all this housework I don’t actually want to do) I might just get really boring next week and write some music posts. I know you love those! Such wonders to look forward to!