Back to old Kentucky, where I was born and raised

Hello, friends! I’m so sorry to have absented myself quite that long, but apparently I had to crawl into a hole for a good long while. Who knew writing could make you tired? Anyway, I am recovered and – astonishingly – feeling something like cheerful again. It helps that spring is here. Here’s the cherry tree in our courtyard:


Hard to stay grumpy when that’s just outside your window.

Anyway, I’m here because: NEWS! I will be in Lexington, Kentucky later this month, and I’m going to have a bookstore event at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. It’s Saturday, March 23rd at 2pm. I spent my teenage years in that store, and I’m so excited to be back. I see the event’s not listed at their website yet, but I’m sure it will be soon.

I also have an upcoming appearance at the McGill Branch of the Burnaby Public Library, on Saturday, April 27th at 2pm. That one’s going to be kind of special, I hope, but I’ll have more details closer to the day of. I merely mention it now to tease any snooty Vancouverites who might be thinking, “Burnaby? Bo-ring.” No, no, silly people. BURNABY AWESOME. More to come.

Springtime also gets me thinking about music. With all this time on my hands (translation: all this housework I don’t actually want to do) I might just get really boring next week and write some music posts. I know you love those! Such wonders to look forward to!

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