Tess of the Road: the ARC is real!

I know, I know, it’s been forever. Twice forever, in all honesty. But things are moving, and I have news now, so here I am. My next book, Tess of the Road, is coming out at the end of February, 2018! The early advanced readers’ copy is out now (there will be another ARC once the cover is officially official — stay tuned!)

I don’t have a copy yet, but my agent does and he took some pictures:

Tess ARC

Here’s the special ARC intro letter I wrote (won’t be in the final book) —

Tess ARC intro

And a shot of page 1, just to tease you:

Tess ARC page1

That’s it for now! More soon, I hope. I’d say that I’m going to try not to be a stranger, but we all know I’m naturally stranger and so such a promise would be utterly futile.

17 thoughts on “Tess of the Road: the ARC is real!

  1. That’s amazing! I am so looking forward to reading this novel, hopefully as an ARC, but definitely as a book I buy when it comes out!

    • At this stage of the game, they usually get sent out to librarians, booksellers, and reviewers. You can apply directly to Random House, or there’s a service called Eidelweiss that gets ARCs to people. Not sure this book is listed there yet, though. After we’ve finally got a cover, I think it will be.

  2. Oh, how exciting! I can’t wait to read it. It makes me miss the long-ago days when I worked in a bookstore, and had a chance of getting my hands on an ARC. Well, February will be here before I know it; I can’t believe it’s almost July!

  3. I am so excited for this book! Just curious will there ever be another book in Seraphinas point of view? Really fell in love with this character and was so excited to read shadow scale. I read it 2 days and then re-read it again because it was written so well. I feel so sad to let this character go. I feel as if she is my sister.

  4. I got one of the ARC copies at Comic Con this year. This story was so necessary to me. Thank you for writing it. Tess is a special character. I kind of wish your opening letter would be in the final copy, because when I read it, I immediately pulled it from my stack as the first to read.

    • Thank you so much for telling me! I’m actually hoping they’ll let me tweak the blurb on Goodreads and/or the eventual jacket copy (something authors don’t usually have a hand in), because I think there are a few phrases from that letter that sum up the important stuff really well.

  5. 😮 I’m excited for this!! I loved Seraphina and how the world expanded in Shadow Scale so I’m glad for another story set in that world. Also I love the way you write. Can’t wait!!!

  6. I just finished Tess of the Road and absolutely loved it! I saw myself in Tess and I’m actually a year older than you!! As a fellow Kentuckian who also found my way out to the PNW (alas I had to come back to KY and leave my heart home but I will return one day) I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much even an older former “one most likely to be spanked” loved this book and was absolutely engrossed by it! Thank you and I look forward to Tess’s adventure on board her first ship!

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