The NPR review

Many people e-mailed me about this today, but there may still be a few of you who haven’t seen it: In ‘Shadow,’ Change and Growth as a Story Sheds its Scales.

There are bad reviews, and there are good reviews, and there are reviews that leave you feeling like somebody just opened up your chest and pointed at your heart and said, “Look at this, right here.” My slightly awed thanks to Amal El-Mohtar for the anatomy demonstration. It is both gratifying and humbling to be seen.

In other news! Had a delightful time at B&N Lynnwood today. I was able to have some excellent, in-depth conversations with my readers, which is something I enjoy very much. And I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I need to put more pictures of our whippet, Una, on my blog.

Well. Your wish is my command.

An oldie but goodie.

An oldie but goodie.