Today’s reading

Have you ever found yourself suddenly noticing articles on a topic you were thinking about anyway, as though the internet had noticed your preoccupation and started coughing them up into your lap? Er, nice image there – you can see why I’m a writer. Anyway, it just so happened that yesterday I stumbled upon an article about racism, sexism, and imperialism in Jay Lake’s novel, Green (apropos of nothing: I keep wanting to say “Greg Lake“, because apparently prog rock pervades my entire being).

Then this morning a Facebook friend linked to an article about sexism, racism, and Orientalism in Craig Thompson’s graphic novel, Habibi.

A quick scratch of the internets soon brought me to Appropriate Cultural Appropriation, and beyond to RaceFail ’09.

It’s enough to make a white woman who’s writing about a fantasy culture of dark-skinned people pause and say, “Hmmm.”

I still have things to digest, but I hope to have some thoughts on this tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in these topics, happy reading! There’s enough thought-provoking material here to keep your brain busy for a good long time.

6 Comments on “Today’s reading”

  1. Els says:

    Oh, yes, Racefail alone could keep a person busy reading the Interwebs for a long, long time.

  2. Yeah, as a white guy writing an urban fantasy set in contemporary Toronto, I’ve been saying, “Hmmm” a lot. A LOT.

  3. Phoebe says:

    Yes, racefail is my go-to reading for insomnia.

  4. Thorn says:

    I’m looking forward to reading tomorrow’s entry. (Though when is that not true?) I’m thinking about all this stuff extra hard now that I’m someone raising a brown-skinned girl who seems to be headed toward being a big-time reader.

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