Minuscule updates

* Hello, darlings! I have returned from my weekend away, only to find that the world did not have the good grace to pause in my absence. Silly world! When will you ever learn? Rachel on vacation means you should definitely take a break as well, and not accumulate more things for me to do.

* I am working up my final knee-jerk blog post, but it is long and time is short. It will be up tomorrow, I hope. Edited to add: erm. Nope. Thursday or Friday. I overbooked today, and something had to give.

* I am bending NaNo to my will, using an algorithm of my own devising to convert “Time Spent Working” into “Fake Word Count”. That way, I can still see my progress on the handy graph, even as I go in and condense, weed, and improve all the crap I just wrote.

* Because seriously, I just wrote fifty pages where Prince Lucian Kiggs was there, but not there. He’d been replaced with Folger’s Crystals, or something — but I DID notice! I just didn’t know where the hell he had gone or how to get him back. I found him again (in my head!) over the weekend, so that was nice. He’s good people, is Kiggs; robot Kiggs just wasn’t cutting it.

* But that’s what the relentless page count was driving me to. That, and ZOMG adverbs! And redundancies of all kinds! And… and an obsession with Porphyrian plumbing!

* Er. With regard to that latter: my plumbing fixation is well-documented. The only time I have ever felt I may have lived a past life was when I visited Housesteads Fort on Hadrian’s Wall and found the Roman latrines utterly engrossing. Was I once a plumber for the Empire? Oh gods, I hope so.

* Until tomorrow, friends. Writing this doesn’t count toward my word-count algorithm, alas.

10 thoughts on “Minuscule updates

  1. We’re twins, but only twins in odd obscure ways, like when we both encountered hummingbird moths for the first time at the same time …

    I was ALSO fascinated with the latrines at Housesteads. And kind of sad that there was no one to discuss them with.

    You have made my life complete.

  2. I’m so glad you found Kiggs because I could not STAND to lose him. He’s one of my favorite characters.

    Ful Disclosure to clear up what may be confusing: I’ve read SERAPHINA because I work at Random House (I’m a Phina-phile!).

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