Back in the saddle again

Hello, darlings! Thanks for your patience. I had a very good week last week, minimizing internet use and getting myself back into a solid writing routine.

It’s irritating (to me) how automatic it becomes to reach for the internet the moment the going gets tough. Want to avoid housework? Internet. Want to ignore the people around you? Internet. Want to put off thinking about all the difficult problems your novel is posing you? Internet.

I tend to be an avoider, I fear, and my internet use sometimes exacerbates that. The worst part is, it gives me the illusion of engagement. I’m not running away from anything, I’m right here following all the drama and chiming in occasionally! This is very, VERY important!

I’m an active procrastinator. And hey, sometimes my brain really does need a break. The key is knowing the difference: am I here because I need a rest, or am I here because I’m avoiding something difficult?

Anyway, it was all out of balance, but I think I’ve got it sorted again. And of course, while I’ve been doing other things, my brain has been sprouting all kinds of crazy blog ideas, posts about dancing and crow brains and comparing YES songs to a really good sandwich. That’s one nice thing about being present in your own life: you have ideas, and ideas beget more ideas.

And now it’s time to move along. Back soon, friends.

Speak, friend!

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