In other news

A few more reviews of Seraphina out in the blogosphere:

* From Diana at Happily Ever After

* From Veronica at Mostly Reviews

Thanks so much you two!

In general I only link blog reviews, because I want bloggers to get some traffic out of it and because Goodreads reviews are all clustered together in one place already. Today I’m going to make an exception, however, because Phoebe North is a friend of mine, and because I don’t think she’s planning to re-post the review on a blog. So here’s hers. And thanks, old lady!

To change the subject slightly, here’s author Mike Mullin on Why Bad Reviews Rock. I’ll tell ya, his novel Ashfall – about the Yellowstone supervolcano – had not particularly been on my radar (I’m not keen on survival novels, generally), but it sure is now! An example of how Excellent Author Behaviour can also make a difference!

All right, enough about reviews! Coming next week: stupid love songs. No, really. There are some abysmally stupid ones I really love. Catch you then!

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