Remind me of this in July

My friend Els (who I’ve mentioned twice now this week! Hi, Els!) sent me the link to Joshilyn Jackson’s blog post, “Launch Day“. I have a feeling I’m going to want to read that again on July 10th.

The money quote, to me:

I love this book. I am proud of this book. I think it is funny and hopeful and I bravely went down deep into the salty black mines of my own mental illness and tried to make it also truthful as I used the tale to wrestle with the questions that drive my life. And today, I have to stop all that, and set it down, and walk away, and see who picks it up.

The process of setting it down begins earlier than that – at least, it is for me – but yeah, I haven’t set it down completely yet. I still find myself gazing longingly into it, reliving bits, patting phrases on their little poetic heads.

But. The day is coming.

Speak, friend!

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