Back in the saddle again

Hello, darlings! Thanks for your patience. I had a very good week last week, minimizing internet use and getting myself back into a solid writing routine.

It’s irritating (to me) how automatic it becomes to reach for the internet the moment the going gets tough. Want to avoid housework? Internet. Want to ignore the people around you? Internet. Want to put off thinking about all the difficult problems your novel is posing you? Internet.

I tend to be an avoider, I fear, and my internet use sometimes exacerbates that. The worst part is, it gives me the illusion of engagement. I’m not running away from anything, I’m right here following all the drama and chiming in occasionally! This is very, VERY important!

I’m an active procrastinator. And hey, sometimes my brain really does need a break. The key is knowing the difference: am I here because I need a rest, or am I here because I’m avoiding something difficult?

Anyway, it was all out of balance, but I think I’ve got it sorted again. And of course, while I’ve been doing other things, my brain has been sprouting all kinds of crazy blog ideas, posts about dancing and crow brains and comparing YES songs to a really good sandwich. That’s one nice thing about being present in your own life: you have ideas, and ideas beget more ideas.

And now it’s time to move along. Back soon, friends.

2012 reboot

Hello, friends! I am popping in to say I’m popping out for a week.

2012 got off to an overwrought, melodramatic start – those of you who frequent Goodreads will know what I’m talking about, but it wasn’t just Goodreads. It was everything. My son was sick, good intentions went awry, and I got nothing done.

I had dreams of starting the year in a tidy and organized fashion. My word for the year, I’d decided, would be “perspective”. After feeling overwhelmed much of last year, some perspective seemed just the thing.

I hadn’t anticipated that 2011 would hang on for an extra week.

In any case, I’m declaring a reboot. Start over. The start of the year is an arbitrary point in the annual cycle anyway, so I’m wishing myself a Happy New New Year, as of this morning, and I’m going to faithfully do what I intended last week, before I let myself get swept away: calmly set to work and take good care of myself. So until I am back in the good groove, I am effectively off the internet. I anticipate returning next Monday.

I want to just acknowledge a few things before signing off, however. This blog had a record number of views this last week; thanks to everyone who dropped by to see the new cover! On Goodreads, more than 1000 people have added Seraphina to their to-read shelves, nearly half of those added in the last week. I am humbled an honoured. My thanks to each and every one of you.

Tomorrow, January 10th, marks exactly six months until the book comes out. This is the home stretch. If there was ever a time to take a moment, breathe deeply, and make sure I’m keeping things in perspective, it’s now.

More review goodness

Here’s a nice one at Book Catching. Thanks, Stephanie! (This one may have some spoiler-y info, depending on your definition of spoilers. I don’t think it spoils anything, but I’m kind of spoiler-insensitive)

Bloggity-Blog-Blog reviews it for a second time, in more depth. Thanks again, Laura!

In other news: thanks to everyone who’s dropped by here the last few days, for all the support and kind words about the cover. This is all so exciting that I’m probably going to have to put a paper bag over my head and go lie down for a while.

Yesterday was my son’s first day back at school after vacation, and my first day back working seriously on the sequel. It’s always so hard to get started again, even if I take a weekend off. I don’t know why that is; it’s like being very flabby and getting back to exercise. When you’re really exercising regularly, though, you come back refreshed after a day off. Why would writing muscles get flabby so quickly? Maybe there’s something wrong with the analogy.

I usually refer to this ailment as “The Mondays”, since that’s when I usually get it. Yesterday I had the Mondays to end all Mondays, but it was Tuesday, which was just embarrassing. This morning was much better.

To these two reviewers, then, waiting for the sequel: I’m on it.

Hello, 2012! Hello, cover!

I have things to say and stories to tell, but for now, I think I’m gonna let this baby speak for itself:

That’s our North American cover, friends. I seriously can’t stop staring at it. Stories tomorrow, I promise.