Hello, 2012! Hello, cover!

I have things to say and stories to tell, but for now, I think I’m gonna let this baby speak for itself:

That’s our North American cover, friends. I seriously can’t stop staring at it. Stories tomorrow, I promise.

27 thoughts on “Hello, 2012! Hello, cover!

  1. Hey, NICE cover! I’m partial to woodcuts on covers, and that gives me a totally different feel for the book. Can’t wait to read it.

  2. Where do they get these images? I assume there is an artist behind this… will s/he get credit? (It seems like on some books the artist gets credit and on others they don’t… so I’m curious what accounts for the difference). And of course, yes, I love it! It puts the focus on the worldbuilding, I think, rather than on Seraphina herself, which is great, because the title already focuses on her.

  3. I just keep doing a double take when I see your name on this (and the UK) cover. I think, hey, I know her! and then I realize, hey, it’s your book! Can’t wait to read it!

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  5. That is a beautiful cover! I’m really looking forward to reading it (and sharing with my 12-year-old daughter, who is a big fan of dragons.) I found your blog when looking up info on Amy Unbounded, which I loved. Thank you for your work!

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