Coming soon: the North American cover!

Hi, all! I hope you’re all having a very happy Winter Holiday season. Today is Boxing Day in Canada, the day we all put on our gloves and punch each other in the face. Good times. Helps us stay mild and inoffensive for the rest of the  year. You wondered why Canadians are so polite? Boxing Day. You may quote me.

I’m really just popping in to let you know we have a North American cover, at long last. It is beautiful – I can’t stop staring at it – and Captain Editorpants says I’m to sit on it until the new year.

So yeah, I’m just here to tease you and make you wonder. What could be on it? (Hint: not a girl in a prom dress!) Will I like it better than the British version? (Hint: it’s ok to like them both; they’re very, very different) Why is Rachel TEASING ME?? (Hint: Boxing Day!)

I’m off on my holiday again – my friends aren’t going to punch themselves, you know! Meanwhile, here’s a nice little review from Laura Gjovaag, geared toward Amy Unbounded fans. Catch you in 2012, cover in hand!

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