This week’s musical obsession

Sometimes a song just reaches out of nowhere and grabs me. Here’s Steve Hackett and Richie Havens, bringing the awesome to “How Can I?” —

I was listening to this all morning, but the video is somehow even better. I like the way they’re facing each other, like this is a private conversation we’re listening in on, and the way they sometimes mirror each other swaying back and forth. Steve looks kind of amused, like he’s never heard these lyrics before, even though I’m pretty sure he wrote them. Maybe he’s suddenly realizing he doesn’t know what they mean, or else all that smoke in the air has made him notice that whoa, the lyrics are deep. Really, really deep, man.

All I know is I’d watch these guys all day if I could. But I can’t. That’s why I’m handing them over to you.

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