One month + three days

Is it this way with every book, or just with the first? I feel the release date looming there ahead of me. It’s a bit hard to envision what must be on the other side of it; it’s like a wall, obscuring my vision all the way to the horizon. I’m not yet sure if I’m expected to punch a hole through it with my head or climb over it. Can I find or build a gate? I am a bit intimidated by the whole thing, I confess.

Still, I hold out hope that a portal will appear and I will walk right through – maybe even ride majestic, if I can swing it. There have been encouraging signs along the road contributing to this belief. One I stumbled upon a couple days ago, a very nice review at Parenthetical. The author of that blog has read Amy Unbounded, and it is always particularly lovely to read the reactions of people who are visiting Goredd for the second time, loving that world every bit as much as I do. Seraphina gives us Goredd from a different angle, perhaps, but the place is still deeply, fundamentally itself.

Then my friend Catie, at The Readventurer, brought another review to my attention just yesterday. This one’s at Chronicles of a Book Evangelist, and I was so moved by it that I’m going to quote it:

So often people who are scientific or logical are thought of or portrayed as being cold and passionless.  In contrast, artists and musicians are thought to be moody and mercurial.  But that isn’t really the case at all.  Anyone who has ever watched Feynman talk about, well, anything, can see his passion for science; and the methodical precision required to master the most passionate of musical masterpieces requires determined discipline.  And Math.  Math is at the core ofeverything.  … They are all interconnected.  The very idea of separate areas of study is just our human brain trying to analyze and compartmentalize  reality.  The real world, and the way our human mind approaches it, is much more complex than than that; and I think Hartman would agree.  The book itself is a testament to this idea – it is lyrical even at its most analytical.

Aw! AWWWW! (look how articulate I am, me the writer with all the words and stuff) I thought that was a pretty lyrical and incisive observation there, myself.

The day is coming. The path is clear. My heart is lifted, and I walk.

5 thoughts on “One month + three days

  1. Well, just think of it this way – the days are going to pass and it’s going to happen no matter what you do (within reason). It’s completely out of your hands. You’ve jumped out of the plane and there’s no turning back now! 😀 You have nothing to worry about, though. Your book won’t appeal to everyone (because no book ever does!) but what you’ve given us is a very well-crafted, original young adult fantasy with a lot of depth. And that’s hard to come by! I wish you luck!

  2. Thanks for the link, Rachel! And thank you for the book, of course — I really did love spending time with Phina, and I can’t wait to encourage my students to hang out with her as well. 🙂

    • Your review warmed my shrivelled dragon heart. 🙂
      Very silly question: have we met? I ask merely because so many readers of Amy bought the book from me in person at comic conventions, and your picture looks familiar, but maybe the cover of the Scott Westerfeld novel is what’s familiar about it.

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning and linking to (and quoting!!) my review. 🙂 Seraphina has already been added to my favorite books list, and I cannot wait to share it with others!

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