Today’s excitement

Seraphina is mentioned in the Summer Reading for Kids list at — along with our old friend Dragons Love Tacos! Coincidence? I think not. It is the year of the dragon, after all.

The book also got a very nice mention at Shurtugal, a Christopher Paolini fan site. Thanks so much, you guys! I hope Inheritance fans will enjoy Seraphina as well!

Remember me filming some video interviews when I was in New York? Sure you do! Well the first of those, from fabulous vlogger Liz at Elizziebooks, is online now. And here it is!

Annnnd… is that all the news? I do believe it is. Nap time!

8 thoughts on “Today’s excitement

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Looking forward to the book, but I was wondering if we wanted a copy of Seraphina with the UK cover if it had to be ordered through a UK website.


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