Hey, Toronto friends!

Mark your calendars! This Thursday, July 19th, I will be making a special guest appearance at the “I Didn’t Read the Book Club” with author Kelley Armstrong. The event runs from 6:30-8pm at the Northern District branch of the Toronto Public Library. It will feature some question-and-answer time, a little reading, a writing exercise for teens, and (I am given to understand) popcorn.


They’d like people to pre-register, so here’s the place to do it. The program  is aimed at teens, but surely they won’t turn away grown-ups if you’re not too rowdy, ha ha.

I may be appearing one or two other places while I’m in town. I’ll let you know as soon as I know for sure.

3 thoughts on “Hey, Toronto friends!

  1. Rachel! I’m sure Paul’s told you that we were trying to set up an event for you here in STL; doesn’t look like it will work out this time, but I’ve told him that the library would love to have you with a little more notice (and that I can also set you up with school visits) (and sell a bajillion books). Just wanted to say hi and let you know that SERAPHINA is awesome; totally deserving of all the praise it’s gotten. My mom loved it too – she actually read it before I did. Hopefully I’ll get to throw you an awesome event at some point!

    Melissa (from Children’s Book World, once upon a time)

    • Melissa! HI!!! I thought I’d heard a rumour that you were in STL now. My agent, Dan Lazar, said he knows you!

      Yes, the trip we’d hoped to take in August has been up in the air (and still is!) due to our dog being badly bitten by another dog. But we have family there, so we will be making the trip sometime for sure.

      • I am! My husband Greg teaches at Wash U Law. I do know Dan! I used to work for a friend of his as the kids’ buyer for an indie store, but that…ended badly. Now I work for an awesome educational wholesaler, and since we just got approved to report to the NYT, I get to do events again (thanks to learning from Hannah and Heather, I sort of kick butt at them).

        Paul told me about your dog, which is awful. I hope everything ends up okay there.

        We would be thrilled to set up events for you whenever, and it’d be awesome to catch up!!

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