The evolution of dragons

Today is a day of rest on the UK blog tour, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find another guest post, somewhere, for your amusement and edification.

Up at Everyday eBook today: The Evolution of Dragons.

Also, here’s a recap of the exciting Toronto Public Library event I did with Kelley Armstrong, from Michele at Just a Li’l Lost. Thanks, Michele! And thanks again to Small Print Toronto, Toronto Public Library, Kelley Armstrong, Random House Canada, Mabel’s Fables, and all the wonderful attendees whose enthusiasm made it such a fun evening!

I got some really lovely fan art that evening, too, which I plan to show you soon!

My UK blog tourism continues

Today’s guest post is up at My Book Journey. Thanks to Hannah for hosting!

She wants to see my dragon drawings now… I should dig them up and post a few so we can all have a good chuckle!

It’s officially official:

Seraphina made the #8 spot on the New York Times Bestseller list, Children’s Chapter Books division, for July 29th, 2012. I am still kind of reeling at this news.

How does that happen to a debut novel? Well, I’m sure each book has its own story to tell. The fine folks at Random House have been behind the book 100%, for which I am incredibly grateful. Thank you all so much. I also want to thank all the book bloggers, internet reviewers, and GoodReaders who read the ARC early on, liked the book, and spread the word.

YOU did this. All of you. Thank you so very much.

I do just want to add that if you look at the Picture Book list, who do you also see at #8? That’s right. DRAGONS LOVE TACOS. So, we meet again old friend! This book and mine are following each other around, it appears. It is the Summer of Dragons, some of them taco-loving, some… not. But it can’t possibly be a coincidence!!

Two small interviews

Today’s UK blog tour post is a Q&A at Whispering Words. A big thanks to Sarah for hosting!

I have a different kind of Q&A up at Whispering Words Toronto: the Proust Questionnaire. They gave me a choice of formats, but I just couldn’t pass up something with “Proust” in the title. My editor and I have this ongoing comedy routine wherein he informs me that I am not Proust (and therefore should not be writing about madeleines all the time) and I insist that I am Proust, in fact. I think this questionnaire proves it once and for all.


UK blog tour day 3: Welcome to Goredd!

Today’s guest post is a handy guide for your first trip to Seraphina’s homeland, Goredd. Thanks to Once Upon a Time for hosting!

I once did a comic strip along similar lines, although that was more about manners and dress. I should find that and post it sometime.

I have jet lag! Possibly also ants in my pants!

That means another blog post for you (yes, YOU!) before I force myself to lie in bed and pretend to sleep. I noticed that another guest post I wrote is up at They asked me what advice I would give to new writers of fantasy, and I told them about one of my favourite concepts: The Weirdness Budget.

And now I really am going to bed. For serious!

The beginning of the journey

Here’s day 2 of my British blog tour, at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts, about my long road to publication. I, uh, hope it doesn’t scare any aspiring writers off. I do kind of see myself as a weird outlier, in terms of how long it took. I don’t think most writers have quite such a bumpy road.

But still, bumps notwithstanding, it’s been scenic! And the journey is what really matters, after all.