I have things to tell you

Except I can’t until it’s officially official. Alas, that’s how it is sometimes.

So you know what I’m going to do instead? That’s right. I’m going to hit you with some Pink Floyd. Well, David Gilmour, technically.

No, I don’t know where that saxophone player came from. He just kind of materialized, didn’t he. Well, maybe that’s not so surprising after all. I’ve had days like that, just strumming along and then all of a sudden BAM. Saxophone.

I love this song, though. It’s a good one for when you’re working and working and wondering whether you aren’t the biggest fool ever spawned in the great fool pool. But see,  you’re still a diamond, whatever else is true, and the people who know and love you see that, even when you can’t.

Shine on, darlings.

9 thoughts on “I have things to tell you

    • Right? I knew it wasn’t just me. I think it’s because it’s the first day with kids back at school full time. We’re having to look our work in the eye, after months of half-assery, and it’s like, UGH. I am also intrigued to notice how easily one can substitute my son’s name for “diamond”. I merely mention the fact.

  1. Hey, saxophones just *happen*.

    And I used to sing my son to sleep with Wish You Were Here…big fan of that record. Plus it has one of the best covers ever. (Two men are shaking hands; one of them is on fire.)

  2. So…if you can’t tell us until it’s officially official, why add in the stress of suspense?
    Isn’t everyday life stressful enough?
    And just when I wanted to relax, read or paint, or something and possibly get some editing or homework done!

    My only defence for having such an extenisve field of interest is that A) I don’t want the homework, B) Writing is AWESOME and C) Games Workshop has got an absolutely gorgeous range of miniatures and even more gorgeously gritty setting (or two) to put them in.

    • No need to apologize for having a broad range of interests! Ye gods, man, interest is so rare and precious these days, and you have LOTS of it. Treasure that.

      And I wasn’t trying to create suspense! I was trying to explain that I’m in one of those states where I’m not supposed to say one thing, so of course then I can think of nothing else to say. Doesn’t that happen to everyone? No? Just me?

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