Just to bring this to your attention

The first stop on my US tour is just a week away! I have updated my “Appearances” tab with all the latest information (although there may still be details and corrections to come).

I will be visiting Philly, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, in that order. If you live nearby, please do come on out and see me!


2 thoughts on “Just to bring this to your attention

  1. I shall repeat my bummed-osity-ness re: you’ll be at Old Orchard on 9/21, yet Annie and I won’t be there till 9/22. Being an ex-pat, I perhaps needn’t inform you that the most magnificent Reuben sammich ever made can be had at The Bagel restaurant in that very same center of shopping. (Some darned good sweet-‘n’-sour cabbage borscht, too.) That’s what’s bringing us there that day.

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