My interview with Nancy Pearl

Here it is! (I couldn’t get it to embed, sorry.)

I just want to say: thank you so much to Nancy Pearl, Paul, Deanna, the lovely folks at University Book Store, and everybody else who helped make this happen (Trinity, Robert, Konrad, Paige, Flann! You helped!). I had so much fun, I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to keep chatting. Maybe we’ll chat again sometime!

4 thoughts on “My interview with Nancy Pearl

  1. That is a totally lovely interview. You and Nancy Pearl are both so knowledgeable and love the stuff you read so much; it was a joy to watch you talk about books together.

    • Aw, thanks, els! I watched it, but it’s really hard watching yourself talk about yourself without thinking things like, “What a doofus-y laugh I have!” I had so much fun talking to her, though. When they signalled that the time was up, I was like, WOT?? Already?

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