Good morning, sunshine

Chicagoland, you were wonderful. I spoke at four Naperville middle schools and was so moved and awed by the kids’ enthusiasm. They asked wonderful questions. At one school they lined the hallway with pictures of dragons in my honour. I was really touched.

Events at Warren-Newport library, Anderson’s Book Shop, and B&N Old Orchard went beautifully and were excellent good fun. Thank you, thank you, to all the librarians and bookstore staff who made these happen. I felt so very welcomed, and again, it was so lovely to meet people who’d read and enjoyed the book.

Today, I fly to Seattle! Tonight’s event is at 6pm, at the Seattle Public Library, Northeast Branch. Dragons welcome!

One Comment on “Good morning, sunshine”

  1. The Sons of St. Ogdo says:

    Yes … we will give any dragons who come to this event our SPECIAL welcome!

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