The season of lists is upon us

And Seraphina has made Amazon’s Top 20 YA Novels of 2012! It’s #13, no less, which I find highly amusing.

That particular article also lets you know which ones were John Green’s favourites, in case you were burning with curiosity about that (follow the link to Omnivoracious to learn what they all are).

I have to admit, I tend to read older books. I mean, I feel guilty reading newer stuff when I haven’t even finished my TBR list from the 80s yet. How can I have any pudding if I haven’t eaten my meat?

I will say, though, that the few 2012 books I read IN 2012 were some of the best books I read all year. Code Name Verity tops the list, along with The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Nielsen and Bitterblue. It’s wonderful that there are so many good books being published, particularly in YA. We’re having a little YA Golden Age, here, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Updated to Add: And here’s another list, from Library Journal Reviews, Best Books 2012: YA Literature for Adults. I was about to claim Seraphina is #3 there, but it looks like it’s actually my surname that is #3 in alphabetical order. Still, another informative list, just in time for the holidays. I imagine that’s not a coincidence.

3 thoughts on “The season of lists is upon us

  1. Rachel, I just finished Seraphina this week, and it was good, good, good! I was cursing you (fondly) at the end for making me cry so much.
    I’ve only read one other book on that Amazon list: Insurgent by Veronica Roth, and I have to say, my opinion is that your book is better and more original. I suppose I shouldn’t be so judgmental, but there it is.
    Not that I wasn’t entertained by Insurgent at times, but, you know, there’s only so many Hunger Games-derivative, kids-in-a-sorting-hat-scenario books I can read. 🙂

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