And a lovely Wednesday to you!

I will say exactly this about the US elections: I’m glad they’re over! I couldn’t stand the suspense.

I am still in suspense about one thing, however: the Governor General’s Literary Awards. Here’s a lovely article at CBC Online profiling the five nominees for the English Language Children’s Text award.

The only other nominee I’ve read is Susin Nielsen’s The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would be perfectly content and feel there is justice in the world if I lost to her. I’m sure the other three are also great. Mostly, though, I’m ready for the suspense to be over.

(I’m not in suspense over the Carnegie Medal because March is very far away. Ask me again in February.)

In other news, NaNoWriMo proceeds apace. I have been logging time and falling short of my goals, which is all pretty much par for the course. You’d think, since I have already announced I’m cheating, I could just cheat myself ahead, but apparently even cheaters have principles. I’m a cheater but not a liar, perhaps, although I realize that’s cutting it fine.

Really, it means I need to go put my bum in the correct chair. Like, now. Toodle-oo!

Let the bum-in-chair-athon begin!

It’s November, darlings! Anyone doing NaNo this year? If you want to buddy me, I’m “amyunbounded”.

I’m only sort of NaNo-ing, though. To be perfectly honest, I’m cheating most egregiously. I’m not really counting words, because I’m revising and I CAN’T. I’m logging hours spent, only I have to convert them into words (through an algorithm of my own devising) or the graph won’t graph it properly. If I work for the (arbitrary) number of hours I’ve set for myself, I credit myself as having made par on the word count. Today I worked longer than my goal. Woo Hoo.

I am, as always, in it for the camaraderie and whining. Also, a little public accountability is nice. Also, also: keeping track of how much I work helps me see that I really am working, even on days when it feels like I got nothing done. Which is distressingly often.

And look, I exceeded my goal AND there’s time left over to blog and go to the store! OK, so I got started ridiculously early because I have a cold and couldn’t sleep, but still! It feels good to be off to a roaring start!

Anyway. Camaraderie! Whining! Who’s writing this month?