Let the bum-in-chair-athon begin!

It’s November, darlings! Anyone doing NaNo this year? If you want to buddy me, I’m “amyunbounded”.

I’m only sort of NaNo-ing, though. To be perfectly honest, I’m cheating most egregiously. I’m not really counting words, because I’m revising and I CAN’T. I’m logging hours spent, only I have to convert them into words (through an algorithm of my own devising) or the graph won’t graph it properly. If I work for the (arbitrary) number of hours I’ve set for myself, I credit myself as having made par on the word count. Today I worked longer than my goal. Woo Hoo.

I am, as always, in it for the camaraderie and whining. Also, a little public accountability is nice. Also, also: keeping track of how much I work helps me see that I really am working, even on days when it feels like I got nothing done. Which is distressingly often.

And look, I exceeded my goal AND there’s time left over to blog and go to the store! OK, so I got started ridiculously early because I have a cold and couldn’t sleep, but still! It feels good to be off to a roaring start!

Anyway. Camaraderie! Whining! Who’s writing this month?

8 thoughts on “Let the bum-in-chair-athon begin!

  1. I am! (Lurking fan) I’m doing NaNo this year, though I’m also doing it slightly different than strictly according to the rules. Looking forward to more accountability and camaraderie 😀

  2. I signed up a day late and this is my first WriMo. I’m treating it as a writing exercise, so I’m writing something completely different from my usual epic-y/alt universe stuff. I know I’m not supposed to edit, but I don’t see how I’ll manage that.
    Will you buddy me back? –> strange_ambitions
    See ya around the forums!

  3. NaNo?
    Is this some sort of chemical formula?

    I gather it has something to do with writing, but that’s about it.
    As to whether I’m writing:
    I’m not writing for this but I am busy writing fanfiction, exams and {revising} {refining} editing an original piece I’ve been working on for almost a year now.

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