My favourite musical creepsters

Blue Oyster Cult! As promised, here are some creepy classics from the oyster boys. First up, a great favourite in our household, a song we play every Halloween, “Harvester of Eyes.”

Second, as anticipated by Lisa in the comments yesterday, “Joan Crawford.” This is a fan video made from real clips of Joan Crawford, which I like much better than the official music video (even though that featured zombie schoolgirls; that sounds cooler than it turned out to be in execution).

And last, but far from least: “Godzilla.”

Happy Halloween, everybody!

8 Comments on “My favourite musical creepsters”

  1. Classical Music Lover says:

    I love Seraphina, but I don’t love your music tastes. I somehow always associated Seraphina and her playing with classical music- maybe Bach?

    • Heh. I have rather eccentric and broad musical tastes, certainly. I like classical music as well, and early music, both of which were more instrumental to the music writing in the novel. I can try to include those more often here, but I tend to write about whatever is catching my fancy at the moment. This is silly Halloween stuff, nothing more.

    • The Sons of St. Ogdo says:

      Say what you want, but Lars is totally a metalhead.

  2. Jake says:

    I don’t think there’s a Blue Oyster Cult song that’s more Halloween than ‘The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein’s Castle at Weisseria’ (off the Imaginos album).

  3. nosebot says:

    Just finished your book and I loved it. Came to your site to say Thank You! And I think you might like this:

    I live on an island, my sheep ran for mayor, and of course she needed a triumphant music video. Surprisingly (sadly) not enough people recognize the song we used.

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