Dear friends

A number of you have asked me very specific questions in the comments recently. I just wanted to pop in and apologize for being slow to answer. I was in bed all weekend with what appears to be the Actual Flu, hoping for my first fever-free day today. I’ll get to you soon. I just need a few more naps.

Thanks for your patience! Here, enjoy a little “pocket bassoon” music while you wait:

All hail the glorious rackett, prince of wind instruments!

6 thoughts on “Dear friends

  1. You can’t get sick, someone in Chicago just handed me your novel and now I have to wait for the next one??? Hop to! You’re a brilliant woman, Rachel, and I’ve been hooked since Amy. Write faster…

      • I liked your book so much that I got 5 from Amazon and they became holiday gifts. One was read so fast that they went out and bought a number to give out, too. Cascading success! Now quit blogging and write more pages! Oh, and my word for the year is Ganbatte, since I’m moving.

        • Wow! I salute you sir, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. I’m working hard on the sequel, I swear, but I do have to come up for air occasionally. Good luck with the move! To someplace lovely, I hope.

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