Happy British book birthday II

Today is the release of the UK paperback edition of Seraphina! It’s a bit confusing, I realize, because I believe the original UK edition was available in both hardcover and paperback. But this edition is from Corgi Press, and has a different cover, the North American cover art without the border and with a new font.

Here’s how you celebrate in corgi language, as per the inimitable Pam Bliss: Yark! Yark!

And here’s a lovely review of the new paperback at Bookwitch.

Three cheers: Yark! Yark! Yark!

7 thoughts on “Happy British book birthday II

  1. This is unrelated to your post, sorry–but my husband bought me Seraphina for Christmas (after hearing it reviewed on NPR) and after finishing it tonight (having just barely finished feverishly reading the last 200 pages!) I had to come here and tell you how wonderful I thought it was! It’s an interesting twist on the dragon novel, of course, but your takes on politics, religion, race, etc make it a marvel of a book! My only complaint was that I didn’t go into it knowing that it was going to require a sequel–so the last 100 pages were interspersed with me lamenting loudly “no! no! there’s no way she can tie all this up so quickly!” and then being disappointed that I’d have to wait for another book to come out–but simultaneously overjoyed that I’d get to spend more time in this fascinating world that you’ve built! Thanks for sharing your brain-child with us, and thanks in advance for the sequel!

  2. Yark, yark indeed. Plus an enthusiastic haroon.

    ( I am going to have to invent, or discover, some new corgi words. My year old pup, known as the dire corgi, has worked his way through yarks, meeps, prarls and haroons into entirely new territory. He is the most talkative corgi I have ever had, already, and they usually talk more and more as they get older. The mind boggles.)

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