O what a beautiful Friday!

Hello darlings! I have an item of interest and another of good news, and the sun is shining, and… and… *whew!* okay, deep breath.

[Pause while the author breathes! You should breathe too, at some point.]

Firstly! I have an interview up at YALSA’s The Hub! We talk about my Morris Award nomination, music, dragons, and other good stuff. Thank you so much Jessica and YALSA for all the kind attention!

Nextly! I have been nominated for this year’s Golden Tentacle Kitschie Award. No, really, that’s a thing, and not just anything, but an AWESOME THING. The trophy is – get this – A TENTACLE. I know, right? I generally try to approach these nominations with philosophical equanimity, and it is such an honour to be short-listed. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much, but, well. It’s hard.

Thirdly! I had lunch yesterday with Elizabeth May, author of upcoming urban fantasy The Falconer. It was super nice of her to cross a whole ocean just to have lunch with me, and I had a great time. The wonder of the internet, eh? We can have friends and colleagues all over the world.

My dog, in an effort to keep me humble and grounded, is whining to go out. She’s having digestive issues, which is just as glamorous as it sounds. That’s all for now, friends!

She's cute even when she's sick and whiny.

She’s cute even when she’s sick and whiny.

One thought on “O what a beautiful Friday!

  1. Congratulations, Rachel! Well deserved. I’m rooting for you to win. Love from Toronto! Hope you come over to our neck of the woods someday 🙂

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