Lytherus guest post, another list, and news

So my guest post on “genre bending“, the big finale to Rachel Hartman Week on Lytherus, is up. It’s been fun over there this week, and I am so flattered that they thought of me.

I have also been  informed that Seraphina made another list, the ALSC 2013 Notable Children’s Books list. I am reliably informed by multiple librarians that it is very tricky to get on both this and yesterday’s YALSA list, so I am feeling quite fortunate to have done so.

But oh, you lovely folks. It has been a wonderful week and also a very difficult one. All this praise. It’s wonderful, and very, very distracting. Real life – where the dog is sick and chores must be done and writing is WORK – seems very hard after a continuous diet of praise. It’s like some kind of Praise Hangover, this malaise.

So I’m going on a little retreat, just a short one, from the internet. I’ll still read e-mail, but I’m taking a break from the blog and all social media for about ten days. I’ll see you all again on the 11th or thereabouts.

And thank you. Thank you for reading, and enjoying, and telling me about it. Back soon!

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