Obscure Renaissance instrument of the week, the mighty theorbo:

You don’t get to see the neck in all its bizarre glory in the video. Here’s a picture. Here’s another. The idea is that it’s a lute with its own bass accompaniment, but in order to fit such a range on a single instrument, the bass strings have to be much longer than the rest. It’s a SUPER-LUTE (and not to be confused with the archlute, which is a similar idea but not as low or unwieldy).

4 Comments on “Theorbo!”

  1. dvandom says:

    Heh…I first read that as “its own brass accompaniment” and wondered how the heck that would work.

  2. ellie says:

    Superlute and Archlute.
    That sounds like a superhero and a villain, Lute style!

  3. Rob says:

    And I thought the harp guitar was nuts….

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