Your mission, should you choose to accept it

Hello, darlings! This is going to sound like an eccentric request – and it certainly IS – but I’m looking for songs that mention walls. Yes, like Pink Floyd’s The Wall. An excellent example, and an album I’ve been listening to a lot. Maybe that’s what’s got me thinking in this direction. I’ve found others too, such as “The Wall” by Kansas:

It doesn’t have to be the title or central obsession of the song, though! Not by any stretch. U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” would qualify.

Why do I want songs about walls? I’m just in that kind of mood. It happens to everyone from time to time, surely. And let me just say right now: facetious suggestions, where you stick the word “wall” into a song title where it DOES NOT BELONG are… totally welcome. Because I’m in THAT kind of mood, too.

Walls! What are they good for?

36 thoughts on “Your mission, should you choose to accept it

  1. Just going by titles here, not personally familiar with all of these songs, but here are a few:
    Hello Walls by Willie Nelson
    Climbing Up the Walls by Radiohead
    Walls by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    Walls by Gordon Lightfoot
    Walls by Beck
    Walls by Yes
    Bridges and Walls by the Oak Ridge Boys
    Four Walls of Raiford by Lynyrd Skynyrd
    The Walls Have Ears by Elvis Presley
    Walls of Red Wing by Bob Dylan
    When Your Walls Come Down by Kiss
    The Walls of a Prison by Johnny Cash
    Thru These Walls by Phil Collins
    Walls of My Mind by Dolly Parton
    Tear Down the Walls by Queen
    Stone Walls and Steel Bars by bob Dylan
    Wonderwall by Oasis

  2. an old one: Flowers on the Wall by the Statler Brothers
    another old one: Hello, Walls by Faron Young (also Willie Nelson and I’m sure others.)

  3. Chances by athlete – “Like the poster of Berlin on my wall. Maybe there’s a chance our walls might fall”

    Around Us by Jonsi – “I see the walls, then see them fall. You break through them all. I see you crawl, now you stand tall. Grow and grow till tall”


  4. Ooh Ooh ooohhh!

    Oh my god, I have two that are perfect for you:

    “Build That Wall (Zia’s Song)” by Darren Korb – it’s from the soundtrack for the videogame “Bastion”.

    “Why We Build the Wall” by Anais Mitchell, featuring Greg Brown. This one is from a concept album called “Hadestown” inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. I love the entire album, but this song is a standout because it’s got some creepy self-reinforcing propaganda elements to it.

    The two songs also have this weird symmetry, acting as commentaries/responses to each other.

  5. The most tenuously wall connected song that will be mentioned, perhaps, but “The Berlin Wall” in “Holidays in the Sun” by the Sex Pistols.

  6. Something Inside So Strong doesn’t exactly mention walls but it does have the awesome line: “the higher you build your barriers, the taller I become”.

    Also Heroes by David Bowie mentions a wall!

  7. Its not a song…but…
    Christine Rossetti’s poem “Who Shall Deliver Me” might qualify in a “wally” topic.
    Walls confine and limit us as much as they protect us,
    we resent them, even as we lean on them for support.
    Walls are most certainly an interesting topic for discuss, especially when put in the context of book characters.

  8. Okay – I’m going in a totally different direction because I’m nuts, and because you sorta invited us to do so:

    How about the indie group “Tillie and The Wall”

    Patsy Cline “Wall-king After Midnight.”

    Fats Domino “I’m Wall-kin”

    David Seville “Witch Doctor” (ting tang, Wall-A Wall-A bing bang)

    And back to reality:

    Chris Brown “Wall To Wall”

    Shakira “Wall”

  9. I’m late to the party, but here are mine, or at least all the ones I could find on my iTunes playlist:

    “Four Walls” by Charlotte Martin (I think this one is especially apropos in light of your next post)
    “Hit the Wall” by Elizabeth and the Catapult
    “Weathered Wall” by David Sylvian

  10. Very belatedly:

    serious (not a song, if you’re being pedantic about including words, but one of the most haunting pieces of music I know) – Couperin’s Mysterious Barricade (ok, nor is it strictly a wall);

    silly – Wall you need is love; wall around my hat, etc…

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