Happy Turkish book birthday!

If any of you read Turkish, you’re in luck! Seraphina is now in Turkish too.

I’ve been to Turkey, so this was an international sale I was particularly tickled about. Someday I can regale you with tales of how the Basilica Cistern gave me the massive heebie-jeebies, or how we got unbelievably lost and dehydrated in Izmir. Or how I ate olives wrapped in anchovies and was thirsty for the next three days, or how the music-store clerks scoffed at our super old-fashioned taste in baglama music.

Good times! Happy memories! My funniest stories make it sound like everything went wrong, but it was one of our most fun, memorable trips and I’d love to go back someday.

3 thoughts on “Happy Turkish book birthday!

  1. Yessss! I’m super happy now because I can speak Turkish but I’m not good at reading it. I can practice with one of my fav books now 🙂

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