Da Vinci’s marvellous instrument

The Viola Organista! It’s like a harpsichord and a cello had a baby! Read this article about it, and be sure to listen to the performance as well. I’m loving this so hard. It sounds like a string quartet to me, playing Baroque-style without vibrato. Incredible.

In other news: I’ve been relaxing most arduously, playing Mass Effect 2, doing housework, attending to all the things that need attending (the dog, largely; she’s been ill, poor thing). I keep having ideas for fiction. I am jotting them down, then letting them float away, which feels like the height of luxury to me. I’ll get to them; there will be time.

I hope November is treating you gently, too.

7 thoughts on “Da Vinci’s marvellous instrument

  1. November treating me gently?
    Well, I haven’t been buried in orders coming in at the bookstore I work at, so that’s a good thing…

    Beyond that, I honestly wouldn’t have picked you as a Mass Effect fan. What console do you use?

    Oh and if you’re up for recommendations on music, I highly recommend Blackmore’s Night.

    • Oh, we really just dabble in video games and play them on the PC. My husband likes Assassin’s Creed (we loved Thief, which was probably before your time, but I don’t think AC quite lives up to that. I like having the option to sneak and hide). I wanted to try Mass Effect because I really enjoyed Dragon Age, which is also from BioWare. I like how there’s an emphasis on story and how the characters interact in more complicated ways; I don’t mind shooting bad guys, but I find it tedious if it goes on too long.

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