Notes! I’ve got notes!

Editorial notes, that is! There are a lot of little things, and the cumulative effect is, I suspect, a bit like being overrun by Raspberry Crazy Ants. But still. Progress, darlings. Progress has been made and continues to be made, and we are still on track for March 2015, unless I fall down a hole.

Which I might. I never rule that out.

Also: don’t click on the link above if you are easily freaked out by ants or the idea of ants. There’s a shared psychosis, wherein two people living together begin to believe they can see insects on themselves and each other. My husband and I once decided we were going to develop this psychosis someday. It’s an odd aspiration, but we have a number of odd aspirations. After reading this article, though… well, here’s the money quote, to my mind: “’It’s psychological,’ he said. ‘And yet, you actually do have them on you.’” 

*commences ceaseless shuddering!*

4 thoughts on “Notes! I’ve got notes!

  1. Ahh, does everyone remember the Tom and Jerry cartoon where one small line of ants swiping picnic groceries causes endless trouble for the duo? One small line of marching ants.
    ***shudders in cadence with Rachel and Andrea***

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