Rested and ready for trouble

After three weeks of aggressive laziness, I find myself feeling all squirrelly and full of vim today. I spent much of the last week on the floor with a heating pad after throwing out my back; I’m sure it’s no coincidence that I’m feeling better today.

Long ago, my grandmother advised my mother to spend time every day sitting in a chair, getting used to being old. My mother, ever the contrarian, did not follow that advice, but that’s how I’ve felt for the last week, like I was practising senescence. I think I got good enough at it. Surely it’s like riding a bike, right? When the time comes, I won’t forget how.

Anyway, DONE with that. The one good thing is that I got some reading done. It’s been so long since I had leisure to read much of anything that I’m absurdly giddy with it. I finished Thomas Pynchon’s V. which I’d read way back in college (ye gods, almost exactly two decades ago! Speaking of my senescence). In fact, I’ve started a little reading group on Facebook called Club V. If you have any interest in reading and discussing along with me and some other intrepid souls, please do look us up. It’s an open group for now. I may close it at some point if it gets too unwieldy.

You know I’m feeling happy if I’m reading difficult books and digging into my comparative literature roots for fun. I think it’s finally sinking in that Shadow Scale is done and I’m free. I had my celebratory luncheon at Nuba. It keeps hitting me – I’m done! – and I’m dizzy with it.

I even started “the talk” with my agent – wherein we figure out what kind of trouble I should get into next. It’s wide open, darlings. Wide, wide open.

5 thoughts on “Rested and ready for trouble

  1. Does “the talk” include another book in the series following “Shadow Scale”?? I just finished reading “Seraphina” and I wish I hadn’t started till “Shadow Scale” was released. I’m coming off such a Seraphina high right now that Shadow Scale can’t come soon enough…. I’m just wondering because I want to brace myself in case Shadow Scale leaves me feeling the same way

    • Sorry to be slow getting back to you. I fear I’m slow at everything. Shadow Scale completes Seraphina’s story, so I don’t think you’ll feel things are unresolved at the end. “The talk” was about what I’d like to do next. I have an idea for something else set in Seraphina’s world, a stand-alone. I think I would really prefer to do stand-alones from now on, although maybe that will change once I’ve recovered sufficiently from Sequel Fatigue.

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