Shadow Scale cover!

It’s on Amazon already, so I’m overdue posting it here:

Oooh! Pretty! And I'm told it will have a sheen to it, like the purple Seraphina cover.

Oooh! Pretty! And I’m told it will have a sheen to it, like the purple Seraphina cover.

Yes, the wood-block print is by the same artist who did Seraphina‘s cover, Andrew Davidson.

The Amazon listing describes it as “a companion to Seraphina,” which is already causing a little confusion over on Twitter. Let there be no doubt: Shadow Scale is a sequel, plan and simple, told from Seraphina’s point of view. It begins about three months after the events of the first book. It is also the conclusion of Seraphina’s narrative, so it’s not the middle volume of a trilogy. I refuse to call it a “duology,” however, because I strongly dislike “duology” as a word. I have strong opinions about words, it seems. This should surprise no one.

The date is listed as March 10th, 2015. As with all things publishing, there is a non-zero chance that this might change.

This is so wonderful to me. This book and I have been through so much together, and I can’t even tell you how it feels to know it’s really done, it’s really happening, it’s nearly here. I know March seems far away, but it’s eight months. Babies gestate longer than that. You’ll blink, and it will be here. I’m sure of it.

29 thoughts on “Shadow Scale cover!

  1. Elizabeth Knox’s Dreamhunter pair of books is called a “duet,” which is also stretching the language, but more prettily.

  2. Can’t wait to read this! Sad to hear it’s Seraphina’s conclusion, but I look forward to reading more set in that world.

  3. Seraphina has given me motivation to read…that is…all the way to the end. One word after another. I can’t wait until shadow scale comes out! If you ever have a book signing conference in my area I would love to have my book signed. Thank you so much for making Seraphina, and Shadow Scale come to life!

  4. In a few years I can see everyone who knew Rachel in her salad days heading to Comicon to see the announcements concerning the next great Seraphina movie.

    (And demanding that she buys them drinks with all that Hollywood money, LOL )

    Congrats on a mighty fine looking cover, I’m looking forward to paying retail for this book as soon as it’s available.

  5. I can hardly wait for the next sequel to Seraphina! You write that this book will be the “conclusion to Seraphina’s narrative”; does this mean that there is a chance there could be other books taking place in the same universe but told through another character’s point of view? I know that this is probably only wishful thinking on my part but thought I’d ask…

      • I can’t see how any publisher could say no with how wonderful Seraphina was and the sequel is sure to be! Congratulations on the beautiful and unique cover; I love how different it is from anything else out there…just like the story beneath.

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