I fathom the bucket

I thought I would escape the ice bucket challenge unscathed, since everyone who knows me personally lives in fear of my basilisk’s glare. However, fellow writer and alert reader Amanda Fowler has called me out, so here I am getting silly in support of ALS research. I sing. You’re all doomed.

You’ll notice I didn’t explicitly tag anyone in the video. My camera operator (who came down with the giggles there at the end) BEGGED me to challenge him and has just run to the gas station for ice, so he’s my main challengee (and yes, we’re both donating).

As for the rest of you scurvy knaves, if you watched this video and had a good laugh, consider yourselves challenged, and even if you don’t dump ice on your heads, please throw a few bucks at the ALS Association. If we all do a little good, it adds up to a lot of good. The important thing is to get out there, engage with the world, and use your powers for awesome.

6 thoughts on “I fathom the bucket

  1. Reblogged this on Jelly-Side Up and commented:
    Please allow a major fangirl moment, in which the author of one of my FAVORITE books ever, “Seraphina,” accepted my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in an adorable way. Rachel Hartman wrote a song and sang it in a bathtub, accompanied by ice over the head. And she named me on her blog. Squee! Authors can still be fangirls, right? Because I sure am hers.
    By the way, AWESOME news from the ALS Association: because of the ice bucket challenge, $100.9 million has been raised in just one month, from more than 3 million donors!!

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