This season with the Madrigalians

We have so much new music this time around! I am really going to have to practice and work hard to keep up. Let me never complain about this kind of work, though: I enjoy it immensely.

Some highlights include “La Roza Enflorese” (a love song in Ladino) and “A Little Pretty Bonny Lass” (harder than it sounds).  Here’s the one I’m most excited about, though, and I can’t even tell you why except that the recording gives me shivers every five seconds or so:

It’s by Orlando di Lasso, that sly devil. There are no bar lines; this is the hard stuff. Just listen to those chord transitions, though. It’s like water, full of motion and sunlight and refraction. I wish it were longer, but maybe it’s hard to endure any more shivers than that.

2 thoughts on “This season with the Madrigalians

  1. So glad you like it, Rachel! It gives me shivers too. The chord changes are like oil dropped on water – putting the colour back in “chromatic.”

    And breathe easy, we won’t be doing new pieces all year long. At some point they’ll become not-so-new, slightly-familiar pieces. 🙂

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