A-touring we shall go

So just a little heads-up hint of goodness to come:

It looks like the lovely folks at Random House will be sending me out on tour again, not just once but twice! I was certainly hoping there would be a Shadow Scale tour, come springtime – and there will be – but it looks like I may also have an opportunity to tour in early February to promote the North American paperback release of Seraphina. I will be posting dates and cities once I know them for sure. There are some exciting place-names floating around, but I don’t want to break anyone’s heart by telling you before it’s carved in stone.

Seraphina comes out in paperback on December 23rd. You can pre-order it already, of course. You may be thinking that we’re cutting it a bit close for Christmas, but I believe the hope is that when people go shopping after Christmas — returning things they don’t want, or spending gift cards — that there she’ll be, all shiny and new. The paperback has some new material: an author Q&A, authors who influenced me, a list of music I listened to while writing, a study guide. I understand there are some copies coming my way, so I’ll tell you more when I’ve got the book in hand.

I suppose that’s all the news for now, unless you want to hear about how my apartment flooded. I’m not sure I’m ready to tell that story yet, but I will just say: if you hear the sound of rain coming from inside your closet, it’s best to find the source of the noise right away. It’s really not supposed to be raining in there.

14 thoughts on “A-touring we shall go

  1. also, thank you for distinguishing between February and spring. feb may be spring for some, but it’s so far away from it for us.

  2. Sorry to gush here but I had to tell you again how much I love your writing. Now reading Seraphina again. Every line is an absolute delight.

    My friends and I write, so I have a pretty profound understanding of what that entails. Thank you for sharing your voice. What treasure!

    And happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Are you going to be hitting up any libraries? If you need a stop in central Indiana my public library system would LOVE to host you 🙂 Can’t wait to read Shadow Scale, some of my teens have already asked me about!

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