The Carnival at Bray

Today’s Morris interview, Blythe Woolston (with special guest Carrie Mesrobian!) talks to Jessie Ann Foley about The Carnival at Bray. Go! Enjoy!

Coming up Thursday: my interview with E. K. Johnston, author of The Story of Owen.

Coming even sooner than that: I update my appearances list — again! Part of my delay in posting is that it looks like my appearance in Toronto this week is not a public event, but a librarians’ conference. Not that we begrudge the librarians – of course not! – but I hate giving disappointing news to everyone else.

Similarly, my event in L.A. next week looks like it will be librarians and booksellers only. O Los Angeles friends, I am sad to tell you that! I will have to find my way back, in a more public capacity.

Speak, friend!

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