Oh, there I am!

Back from SDCC just in time to be bowled over by editorial notes. Looking forward to a day when this is no longer like being hit over the head with a two-by-four, but then again that might not be an actual day that comes. I may have to give up on that as yet another foolish dream of youth (youth itself, more sensible than I, quit years ago).

So yes, kind of dizzy from it all. Not much else to report beyond, still here, send chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Oh, there I am!

  1. In the near future, do you think you’ll be a guest at FanExpo (which is conveniently in Canada, but alllll the way in Toronto)?

  2. Dear Rachel Hartman! I do not know if you’ll read this comment but if you’re reading, I want you to know that I am immensely grateful for your work, I love it very much, I’m finished reading “Shadow Scale” now and soon I will post my opinion in my blog, “Doce Sonho Alado” (its name is”Sweet Winged Dream ” in English, the same name of the book I wrote).
    Here in Brazil the second book was not released in Portuguese yet and, unfortunately, many potential readers even don’t know this wonderful sequence. I wanted to be able to contribute at least a little for the dissemination of Seraphina series, and I ask you, please, to grant me a short interview (only five questions) so I can prepare a special post. If the idea appeals you, just get in touch by e-mail I let at this form.

    I wish you success!
    Winged Kisses.

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