In Singapore

Having a lovely time. Hanging out with chrysanthemums.


I loved Gardens By the Bay a whole lot, but this was a very serious moment with a very serious flower.

I have two events today:

Rachel Hartman: Dragons and Shapeshifters at 12pm in the Asian Civilizations Museum, River Room. There’s a book signing afterwards, also at the ACM.

Dragonlore and More: Worldbuilding Workshop from 4-7 in The Arts House, Living Room. This one requires tickets, I believe, and is a workshop intended for teens 15 and up.

Tomorrow, I’m on a panel:

“Instalove” – Romance and the YA Novel, again in the ACM River Room, with a signing afterwards.

If you’re not already in Singapore, you may not have time to get here. If you are in Singapore, however, please come by and say hi!

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