My sister Laura first introduced me to this song about a million years ago on what may have been the last mix-tape ever made. She included it because of the cello, which she thought I would appreciate as a former cellist. I tried to find a live version to post here, but apparently Dar Williams doesn’t drag a cellist around with her everywhere she goes, so that was kind of a bust. It’s just not the same without it.

I am always most moved by the part where she can’t remember what a crocus is. I’ve lived through winters like that — metaphorical winters, anyway, and metaphorical crocuses.

February in Vancouver is super rainy, as per usual. We’ve got crocuses and snowdrops, very normal for the season, but I’ve also seen a daffodil, and that’s quite early. I can take any amount of rain and grey if there are flowers; this is one reason February is far pleasanter (for me) than November, even if the weather and day-length isn’t that different.

Back to cello, though — this has been a week of thinking about music I haven’t heard in a long time, so on a whim I went looking for a piece I enjoyed playing. I only remembered it was by Handel, but fortunately it’s not as obscure as all that (I’d had some worry that it was originally an oboe sonata or something, but apparently not). Anyway, here’s Jacqueline duPre, playing it better than I ever did, to be sure:


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