Hello Seattle!

Good morning, darlings!

The last couple days have been a whirlwind of awesome. We had a super fun cake-tastic book launch at Kidsbooks in Vancouver on Tuesday, and then last night I came down to Seattle and did an event with Tamora Pierce and Lish McBride, which was packed to the rafters with rowdy, enthusiastic readers. The signing line was two miles long. As one of the more mildly-famous authors, I was able to get away after signing a mere hundred-thousand books; Tammy may still be signing, for all I know. Has anyone seen her? I haven’t.

Tonight (3/1) I will be in Bellingham, WA, at Village Books for their Lit Live! event at 7pm. Tomorrow (3/2) I’m on a panel called “Total Rebellion” at Emerald City Comic Con at 4pm, followed by a signing at Writers Block Table 3 at 5:15pm. Then my last Seattle-area event will be on Saturday (3/3) at Barnes & Noble Northgate, 6pm – reading, Q&A, and signing.

I just got a really nice review from The Book Smugglers. It’s a little spoilery, but I’m beginning to think that might be a good thing. Tess of the Road is an atypical fantasy novel, and readers’ expectations can sometimes be an obstacle to enjoyment. I know that’s happened to me before, where I go into a book eagerly anticipating one thing and then the book isn’t what I wanted it to be.

I also have a Big Idea post up at John Scalzi’s Whatever, which will give you another angle on the book, where it comes from and what it’s for. Many thanks to John for this opportunity.

All right, well. I promised myself I’d hit the gym before the long haul up to Bellingham, so I’d better get to it. My husband is back home becoming a better fencer while I’m on the road, and I can’t let him get too far ahead of me!

Speak, friend!

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